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Suggestions on Fuel gauge issues??

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  • Suggestions on Fuel gauge issues??

    I am having an issue with my fuel guage reading at max 1/4 tank. The needle does move up and down but only reads a max 1/4. I took out the sending unit and when moving it up and down it does register to the gauge but only from empty to 1/4. I have never had a sending unit only work halfway, it either does or doesn't work. I have never had an issue with a bad guage either. So before I start spending money to replace parts I wanted to ask if anyone has had similar issues or if anyone knows which item is the problem. Thanks for the advice.


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    turn your ignition on then take a screw driver and jump the 2 terminals on the sending unit, if the gauge reads full the gauge it fine if not the gauge is shot. If the gauge is fine you will have to replace the sending unit.

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