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Advice for my boat facelift?

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  • Advice for my boat facelift?

    My boat has taken a beating since that last big snow storm we had and I have let it go for about as long as I can. It sits outside because I don't have a garage and it started out with the boat cover freezing to the boat. This completely ruined the paint job and I am need of fiberglass restoration. I have tried the different products to bring back the shine but those don't work and I know the restoration needs to be done. Does anyone recommend a place?

    Next on the list is the seats. The seats that came with my Stratos were under par and the seams have completely blown out. I have been doing minor repairs with 65 lb braid, but now I am ready to either buy new ones which I can't seem to get an answer from the dealers on cost or have them re-upholstered. I don't have anyone in my area that I can find to do marine quality work. Does anyone know of a marine upholtster or the supplier for Ranger or Stratos boat seats?

    The last thing is carpet, again this was low quality and is tearing up. I see that there are pre cut kits out there, but I want the carpet to look good on the boat which is why I want a professional to do it. Any ideas?

    Thanks for the help guys.


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    You might give Todd at the Sportsman in Woodbridge a call. He would probably know who to contact to get those items taken care of.
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      Do you want to do the seats and carpet yourself? There are several sites that sell carpet and seats. Check out the bassboat restoration thread on There is a lot of info about what you are getting ready to do.