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Extreme fuel system Maint update

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  • Extreme fuel system Maint update

    I got all the injectors out. Three injectors on the starboard side came out pretty easily like they should have. The port side three was like pulling the molars out of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Two of them were so frozen I had to tag team with my son to get em out. My son actually pulled so hard on it he moved the boat backwards a inch or two while I was prying on it. If they wouldn't have come out I would have had to pull the cylinder head on the port side and used a punch to drive them out. At 270.00 each I really didn't want to do that lol. It burger-ed them up a little but I dont think I hurt them on the inside. I mail them off tomorrow. Next is the low pressure fuel pumps and VST filter.

    See that in line canister filter? 85.00 bucks!!!!! That sucks. Its the mid range fuel pressure filter.

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    Glad you know what you're doin Jim. If it was a Caterpillar diesel or a '69 Plymouth 440 ci.........I could help ya
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