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  • parts for trophy boat

    I am in a diff.boat the other day my tach shorted out and now i have no tach,but in order to replace tach i need a special one.on the trophy they are all in one tach,gas,volts,the gas is a litttle iffy and the volts seem ok.i am having trbl finding a dealer or handler can you help..2005 boat cc.1703 mdl.

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    so the whole tach/speedo cluster isint working? or just the tach out of the combo isint working? if it is just the tach u can get a marine aft market for the entire on ebay or a local marine shop that can point in a better direction...
    hint..anna point marina im sure could offer some opinion


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      all three are under one glass, the tach,the gas & volts are all one unit. yes it is only the tach that is dead!!

      but the dealer i spoke to ( james river marine ) explained that it is all in one. i am looking for local dealer or a used one for a trophy boat?? or a local dealer if anybody knows one who is a trophy dealer..i had the guys at my local boat shop to try and buy one but if u are not a dealer u cannot get the parts.... any ideas out there anyone.!!!!!!!