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Steering issue.

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  • Steering issue.

    Merc 150 EFI. Has a steering cylinder with two grease fittings on it. Big fittings, considerably larger than a standard fitting.

    One of them worked loose on the way to the lake the other day. Blew oil all over the back of my boat when the motor turned sideways. I tightened the fitting back up, but lost a lot of oil. Now my steering has a load of play in it. Does that cylinder have to be filled by one of those fittings? What type of oil? I've googled a bunch of crap and can find loads of info about the tilt and trim, but nothing about this steering cylinder.

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    Charlie - it is a marine hydraulic fluid but can't tell you what the diff is between it and the steering fluid in your car. The system is filled via the fittings (ports) and has to be done under pressure.

    While you're having the steering serviced be sure to check the seals. They do wear (dry out) over time and have to be replaced. Might be worthwhile getting at all of the variables in the steering system while you're at it.

    Good luck!


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      Fluid -

      Bleeding/purging -

      Repair -


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        The fitting you are referring to I think is the bleed fitting. Where you fill it is in a different location near the counsel.
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          31 A - The google-fu is strong with that one!

          Thanks for the info. After looking at the video I'm pretty sure I have an air in the system issue now.



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