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Looking for dual cable helm

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  • Looking for dual cable helm

    I’m hopeing somebody has one of theses laying around or knows somebody who does. I’m looking for an old The Rack dual cable helm. Long story short I have a boat in a transition year and never even though it wouldn’t have “the rack” it actually had the really old version of it. Sadly I didn’t notice until I had new cables ran and they wouldn’t match up. I’m stuck with the cables so I have been hunting for an old helm to pick up. Other wise I will have to shell out for a whole new system and pull the motor and begin all over again.
    I have called dockside, Ed’s and mare and they don’t have any sitting around. As well as hours hunting online.

    I did find one on some no name sight but I have a feeling they just stole my money and sold my card info so I’m not hopeful it will ever show up

    Any leads would be great.

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    you might try Budget Boats in Chesepeake they have a ton of old parts on the shelf and are very reasonable.

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      I did try them. Sadly his response was “I have a pile of helms you can come take a look at but I don’t know what’s in there” it’s over an hour drove down there so I didn’t want to make the trip. But on the other hand I did come across a steal of a deal on a new nfb dual cable kit on eBay. Under 300 for everything so I caved and bought that. So I now have two 13 ft cables I will be looking to sell. Maybe recoup some money for them



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