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  • One Stop Boat Shop: Review

    Ok, since they are a forum supporter, I decided to have my trailer work done at One Stop Boat Shop. It had been making some noises and 2 of the oil hubs appeared dry since I had quite a bit of work done last september (2 hubs replaced, some new seals) at Liberty Equipment in Fredericksburg. Liberty does inspections btw...

    So, net/net, a very positive experience with One Stop for two reasons. One,
    how kool is it to just drop your boat off where you fish? Put her in the back lot and drive away.....Nice...No day off to haul it to Liberty and another day off to pick it up....

    Second thing. If you get it to them by monday, they have a policy of trying to get it out by friday......nice

    Lastly, I told them to replace the 2 dry hubs and anything else they noticed needed to be done. WELL, they didn't replace the hubs, he found them fine, refilled them and will recheck them for me soon to be sure. He did find what was making the noise...the whole brake assembly on one side was basically freefloating inside the wheel well (scoring the wheel a bit). He fixed all of this, put more fluid in the brake system, and cleaned the wheels to a level I have never seen them (yes I get the concept that it will allow him to spot leaks easier but still.....they are perfect looking)....

    In on Sunday night after an LAPR, out on thursday night after fishing with 31Airborne.....How good is that? Oh, and when I talked to them, he went into tons of detail about what he did, why, etc....nice touch.....I just think it is kool that someone didn't replace the 2 hubs when they easily could have (I asked them 2 as I figured to be on the safe side), as it was not necessary...So they saved me some money at their expense....Honesty is a good thing when you find it and I am now going to be a repeat customer....

    BTW, they are not setup for Inspections, so for that, I'll still have to do the Liberty thang....:Agree::Agree:

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    Good to know Steve. Thanks.
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      Very good info, Steve. Lots of boat dealers do not like to fool around with trailer work. I replaced one of my seals last week myself, but haven't had a chance to see if my work is of good quality or not yet.....sure hope it is.....



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        Good news Steve. Now you can take the money you saved and get some new tackle!!


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          Just to through my two cents in I took my boat to them first to have the tilt and trim examined and general maintence after a week there they came back and told me it would cost 1700+ to fix the Power tilt and trim They didn't bother to even check on warrenty fix or not.

          I then took the Boat to Harbin the ENTIRE repair was covered by Warrenty.

          Now I think I would use One Stop for basic general PM, but for anything beyond that I would go to Harbin Marine no doubts about it.
          Steve Sekula