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    I'll tell ya I've found some good ones and I've found some bad ones this is how things break down for me. Although you may or may not agree with this review but it is from personal experiences.

    Mare of Aquia: Bad service SLOW SLOW SLOW No custer relations you are at fault when you have a problem here. Need I say More

    Affordable Outdoors also known as One Stop boat Shop: Bad Service SLOW and Lost for customer relations.

    Harbine Marine Outstanding Service very effiecient and Customer oriented

    Kens Marine Outstanding Service very effiecent and customer oriented. Willing to go the extra Mile to get what you need done.

    These are the ones I know because they are the clsoest ones I have used or will Never use again. If you need details as to why I won't go to the 1st two ever again just ask and I'll explain the horror show for you.
    Steve Sekula


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    Mare is Slow at times
    BUT, sorry Sempr I have found the work in the end good. One stop boat shop was very good with my trailer issues as well. Of course my favorite is Bob Toller at High Point.

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      Bob Toller has done good work for me as well.


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        For the Richmond area I've used several different folks and I've pretty much settled on Coopers going forward.

        Sanderson Marine - No complaints whatsoever, and they did good timely work for what I had done and they were a pleasure to deal with. My only issue with Sanderson is the issue of convenience for me. It's a long drive to Chester and back and so that has played into the service factor.

        Tracker Marine at the Ashland BPS - absolutely horrible. I had an issue with some brakes that were installed incorrectly by them with the previous owner. The previous owner never used the boat, thus the problem never manifested... It was very clear that TM had installed them wrong and when they broke (the brake line broke due to the way it was inserted into the caliper), they would not stand by it and I pretty much had to pay full price for a new set of breaks. On top of that it took 6-weeks to get it done, and then when I got the boat back, they installed them wrong again (they did the same exact thing) and I had to take it back after taking the boat out one time. This time they did it for free, but it still took another week to get it back. So, it took almost 2-months for them to replace a set of brakes that they did wrong in the first place and it cost me way too much. Also, I ordered a part from the store one time - a simple pair of plastic lug/wheel covers that is on probably 75% of the wheels on TM trailers. It took them 3 times ordering it to get it straight and over 6-weeks to get it done. There are several other experiences and stories I could tell here, but I'll spare the rant. I would not recommend TM at BPS Ashland to anyone, ever. Additionally, my dealings with Tracker Marine in general have been very poor. I love my Nitro, because it's what I have, but not a fan of TM at all. :Dizzy:

        Coopers Marine - I like Coopers the best because of convenience and quality of work. I've gone there several times and he's done good work at a fair price and he's always had me in and out very quickly. The two times I did not have my cover, he pulled my boat in at night to keep it covered up, and he spent a bunch of time chasing down an electrical issue/ghost and charged me very little relative to time spent. His prices may be a touch higher than Sanderson, but both are master mechanics for Mercury products and do good work - IMO. In the end Cooper's gets the nod for me. He's 5-minutes from my office and it's an easy drop off and pick-up when needed. He does good quality work and in very reasonable time frames. Every time I've been there it's been no more than a week.
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