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HPDI 250 VMax review. (Yr-2006)

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  • HPDI 250 VMax review. (Yr-2006)

    There are a few things that I do not like about the Yamaha VMax HPDI:

    1. Every 250 hours or so the injectors need to be removed, cleaned, and re-calibrated. It costs three to four hundred dollars per event and that's if you do the labour yourself and "IF" you don't need to replace an injector.

    2. Trim tab seals start leaking every 9 to 15 months or so. A seal kit is a reasonable cost and labour wise fast and easy. The problem is that the rods are soft metal and mushroom out on the ends. That means you can't remove the cap to install a seal kit. You have to buy the whole piston-rod assembly at 160.00 each.

    3. It's hard to find a Yamaha mechanic that's good on 250 HPDI's systems. Actually it's a real pain.

    4. Fuel system is maintenance intensive and the fuel filters cost you an arm and a leg. 4 main filters and then ten smaller screen filters that are real pain to change out.

    5. Excessive gas and oil usage in my opinion and doesn't hold a candle to a merc.
    (This may be due to injector issues. Don't know.)

    Other than that, the Yamaha's been real good lol.
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    Go Mercury.
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