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  • Fish Finder In Front of Boat

    Posted by Rodman

    How many guys have a fish finder in the front of their boat for when they are fishing? I ahveseen thi on other boats - more expensive then mine.

    Do you have a second set of connections and just move your same unit to the front or do youhave two different units?

    Thinking of wiring a second connection.

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    Posted by fishermen77

    Rodman I have two fish finders on my boat. They are wired as two not one. I need one for when I'm running the big motor looking for striper's. Then I need one on the bow when I'm on the trolling motor to stay on top of the fish when vertical jigging. It's all in what kind of fishing you are doing?? But most all fishing boat come rigged for two fish finders. Good fishing


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      Posted by lakerdan

      I fish from the back of the boat so I keep my unit in the back - my wife is usually sun bathing up front so no need for one up front.


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        Posted by Holata

        Yeah It is absolutely necessary when you are jigging for striper or structure fishing for bass. The Garmin on the front of my boat stopped working and It drives me crazy! I am constantly walking back to look at it or asking my partner "Whats on TV?". Can't wait till the new one shows up!


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          since you spend the most time on the trlling motor, get a nice unit for up front. it is worth it.
          mike c

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            i have a minn kota ?

            I have the big trolling motor with the transducer built in the unit near the prop - it is hooked to a color lowrance on the bow - do you think the built in transducer is a s good as the one that comes with the lowrance. They only tell you the cone size for the built in unit - it is same as the one that comes with it. I don't have h2o temp but i got that with the console unit. Would it be worth it to hook the "stock" tansducer to the trolling motor and use that instead?

            CHUCK n DUCK


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              Bill sounds like I have the same setup as you, and I wish I had the temp on my unit also. But the only difference is the cone angle is less on the trolling motor transducers than the ones that come with tne fishfinders.


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                Thru hull transducers

                Be careful of a two common mistakes:

                If you have a thru hull transducer your temp reading is that of your bildge water not the lake water.

                Also, many hummin bird units do not work well on thru hull.

                For up front the basics work well, I would suggest dual frequancy for better coverage.

                Bottom line is the best sonar is no good until you take the time to understand what your reading on the screen and how to apply the settings on your unit for the conditions.

                Good luck Two are better than one
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