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Minor seat/upholstery repair...

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  • Minor seat/upholstery repair...

    Have a minor problem that I want to prevent from becoming a much bigger issue. Over the last four years a few of the seats on my boat have endured minor scarring, whether it be small tears from sitting or the occasional hook that finds its way into the seat cover. I was wondering if anyone knows of a product or any other suggestion to patch these blemishes to prevent them from opening more? Basically, I'm asking if anyone knows of a product that can repair the material on my boat seats? If someone has a suggestion, do they make them that color match the seat so it isn't so obvious?
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    I have the same problem. I bought a vinyl repair kit at an auto parts store. It has colors to mix so you match the color of your seats. I haven't tried it yet but I think it will work. I just don't know how long the repair will last.


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      Check with your local automotive dealership and see who they use for their interior repairs. Most dealerships will have a guy that comes out to their lot to make all the repairs they need. You could find out when he is scheduled to be on their lot and take him the seats out of your boat.

      I'm having an issue with the stitching on my seats coming apart, so I will be running them to my local interior shop, Custom Auto Tops, to be restitched.
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        I'll second Lane on the folks at Custom Auto Tops. I recently took my boat cover in there for some repair and complete restitching. It's about 6-years old and rather than buying a new one ($$$$), I spent a few bucks to extend the life on this one.

        They did, from what I can tell, a great job. The work was done quickly and was also affordable vs. buying a new one.

        While in their shop I took a look at some of the seats they working on, and everything looks quality.

        Nice folks.
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