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    On a boat I just got, it has a BPS--3 bank charger. My question is- does charger sense each battery indiviually and only charge any battery that needs it?
    ( say 2 batts are charged but 1 needs charging-- it would turn on and charge that one batt)
    (Or 2 batts need charge so it only charges 2 ) ( same for 3batts)

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    It should charge them all up, and then trickle charge from there if you keep it plugged in. If one needs it more than others then it will (or should) charge them each individually.
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      Yes... I don't think the BPS chargers show an individual battery status, mine doesn't, but they will only charge the batteries that need charging, then maintain after they are full.

      They were and as far as I know are still made by ProMariner, so the BPS chargers "fully distribute" the amperage they are rated for.

      For instance most 3 bank 15 amp chargers, can charge only up to 5amps per bank, even if your two trolling Batteries are down to 50% and the cranking battery is at 90%, the trolling batteries will get 5a each and the cranking will get an amount less than that to get it to 100%.

      The BPS (ProMariner) chargers utilize all of the charging amps available , so if the cranking battery only needs 1a to get to 100%, there are 4amps "extra" that are distributed to the trolling batteries, to help them recover quicker. you could technically get 15 amps to charge one battery if both the others are fully charged on a 3 bank charger, where other chargers limit each bank to a certain amount (5a per bank, on a 3 bank 15amp)

      I know you didn't ask for all that, but thought it may be
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        Stratos, Thank you so much, it was exactly what was wondering! ( I had asked questions on another forum but real info on operation was not offered /given)



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