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  • lowrance repairs

    I have a lcx 27c that is 3 yrs. old and will not power up. Connected another one to same power cord and it powered up fine so... While it is outdated now according to Lowrance and needs to be replaced by an HDS unit I am searching for someone that might repair this unit?? Any leads to such person is greatly appreciated.

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    You might want to try Smith Mountain Lake Marine Electronics Repair in Moneta, VA.


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      Thanks for the information! I will get in touch with them as I'm just not ready to take the offer from Lowrance for upgrading unless there are no other options.


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        If you're at a point where you're gonna upgrade, I strongly recommend you research other sonar options. I made the switch from Lowrance to HB last year after 15 years of being a Lowrance user. HUGE diff in capability, usability, customer service. Since Lowrance ran off Linda Colt I'm not sure what their future is. Their customer service has steadily declined since. Not the case w/ HB. I had tremendous support when I was making the switch. They provided tons of info on how-to's, training/practice tips. They also provide updates and upgrades to software on line. Just a thought . . .