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Minn Kota Riptide shaft replacement?

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  • Minn Kota Riptide shaft replacement?

    Hey Specialists,

    I have a Riptide with a 50 something inch shaft that needs to be a foot longer. I guess I can order the shaft and wiring extension stuff, but resealing the shaft, etc. might be beyond my ability. I'm not sure what I got. S/N WWAG2213332 might be an '06 model. Has a round white shaft.

    Is there a local shop that does this kind of work?

    Thanks for any info,

    Joy T Brew

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    Dukes creek can hook you up.
    No problem to do it on a motor guide. I'm sure the Minn Kota is the same. Just have to cut the wires up in the head.
    Crank That Jank!


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      Thanks Wayne for the quick reply. Do you have trouble resealing the shaft threads? What sealant is used? If the schematic and other internet info is correct, the Minn Kota uses the spade type connectors in the head. My fishing buddy's TM lit up the other day and he thought he would be a new one. Turned out to be the control board smoked. Only $150 to get it repaired. Yet, my (spare) Riptide has a short shaft, too short for his boat (same boat as mine). If the spare had a 60+ inch shaft, either my buddy or I would have a spare. Hate to have a TM die when the bite is on!

      The catch was before the big chill and full moon. Hope the bite is still on when I recover from the flu.

      Kerr Lake striper limit is 2 with a minimum of 24 inches.

      Joy T Brew


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        A composite shaft and a metal shaft are two different animals to deal with when it comes to threads.