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Occoquan UMF Challenge - Part 1.

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  • Occoquan UMF Challenge - Part 1.

    Nice post on your UMF Challenge against Jim Whittman and by his constant harassment I’m not surprised that you zeroed out. I must confess that several days prior to your match Jim wanted me to be Mr. Ref with the intent to cause dismay and take you out of your game plan. He even had me call him at a certain time that morning to find out exactly where you would be. My sincerest apologies for I have never stooped this low before in harassing someone. I will make it up to you my friend.

    I can also contest to the paragraph above because Jim W. challenged me to a match on the Occoquan (ONLY) this past week and has not stopped the harassment through psychological warfare. Today when I called him to check on launch time etc… he wanted to extend the fishable waters to the Potomac River. Something about tough conditions, high tides / rains and muddy water etc... I was shocked because it went on and on. Needless to say I will do my best in the challenge and walk away with lessons learned.

    When are the rest of you going to jump in and sign up for a UMF challenge?

    Serving with care, God Bless!
    Serving with care, God Bless!
    Jim Sutton
    2014 FOM District 5 Champion
    2014 FOM VA-East – Heaviest Bag Award – 25.03 lbs