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Question about trail cameras

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  • Question about trail cameras

    I'm looking to possibly get some cell based trail cameras, just looking to see what everyone uses. I am worried about spending a lot on a cam just to have it die in a year.

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    I have about 6, actually 5 now after the last bear attack, of the Spypoint Link Micro. If you watch for them on sale you can get them for around $100. Not cheap, but still not expensive. They work really well and have held up for 2 seasons now - except for bear eating them occasionally.


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      I didn't like the Moultrie at all, I just keep having issues with not transmitting even though I have great service. Other than those, the rest of mine are non cell cams


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        The Spypoint, how are the plans?


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          Spypoint offers a free plan where you get 100 pics. The upper end of the plans is unlimited pictures and is $15 per camera.


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            I've had trouble with some of the Moultrie in the past. The Spypoints have been good so far. My only issue was a camera not taking pictures or transmitting, then I realized the micro SD card I put in was larger than what would work. I dropped to a 32 GB and it worked just fine.