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waterfowl layout blinds

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  • waterfowl layout blinds

    I'm starting to get into waterfowl/goose hunting and want to purchase my first layout blind. Rogers and Cabelas seem to have good products. Any thoughts or experiences, please share. thanks

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    I like Macks Prairie Wings personally they have a lot of options for blinds - kind of depends on the type of land you will be hunting

    Are you hunting marsh or fields?


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      same principle as the layout blind but kinda on the lower ened: i bought a couple section of camo netting at an Army surplus store. i fashioned it into a Guilley suit of sorts. was equally effective in open field or in wooded areas. key thing for me was i put it on and that was it. dog did all the hard work.

      i also used surplus camo netting to make my boat blind. PVC piping for the frame, nylon ties held it all together. gotta make sure you have enough camo to cover the entire boat. things like the motor, gauges, and steering assemblies often reflect light.


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        Striper--right now I expect to be mostly field hunting geese, but would like to branch out eventually. Thanks for the link.
        31Airborne---nice job.

        Thanks guys for the responses.


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          try this,, or check out the gander mountain guide series blind


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            Imaduckin---I spoke to Greg at Rogers and purchased a Goosebusters. It was your typical on line purchase or trip to Gamder. This guy was excellent spending lots of time answering what were probably senseless questions.


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              Oh and I forgot to mention to Stiper---Mackspw had some of the best prices for bulk shotgun ammo. Thanks for that tip.


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                Just understand. Old 31 can't hit the broad side of a barn.....his Prostrate is soo enlarged, he is like a basketball superstar....dribbles up a storm....

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                  You can't go wrong with Cabelas. If your not happy they will take it back no questions. I have one from Cabelas Also, I carry a small plastic tarp to lay down under the blind for a little added moisture protection. Those things are great protection from the wind making it more comfortable on those bitter cold mornings...good luck
                  One Lap Race..