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State Shooting Ranges

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  • State Shooting Ranges

    Shooting Ranges

    Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Sighting-in Ranges

    The Department of Game and Inland Fisheries has public sighting-in ranges available at the Amelia, Chickahominy, C.F. Phelps, Gathright, and White Oak Mountain Wildlife Management Areas. These ranges are built with safety and accuracy in mind, and have posted restrictions. Please see the individual WMA pages for more information on each range.
    Note: The Department reserves the right to manage use and access of these facilities as deemed appropriate.
    George Washington and Jefferson National Forest Shooting Ranges

    Blacksburg Shooting Range

    North of Blacksburg. Take U.S. Route 460 north to Route 621, turn right and follow the signs to the shooting range on the left. This range offers two facilities; an 18-position rifle/pistol range designed for firing at stationary targets and a single position shotgun (trap) range. New River Valley Ranger District, Blacksburg Office, 540-552-4641.
    Wythe Shooting Range

    Near the Stoney Fork Campground on Route 717. Take the Route 717 Exit off I-77 (near Big Walker Mountain Tunnel), turn west onto Route 717. Go approximately 500 yards and turn right onto the road that leads to the state maintenance building. Before reaching the building, turn left, then go about a half-mile to the range. The range includes six 25-yard lanes and four 100-yard lanes. Targets can be set at seven, 15 and 25 yards on the 25-yard lanes, seven, 15, 50 and 100 yards on the 100-yard lanes.
    This shooting range will be open seven days a week from dawn to dusk with no fee. The Forest Service will supply the target frames. Shooters must bring their own target sheets and tape or staple gun to affix targets to the frames. A donation box is set up at the range to help defray the cost of the target frames, which must be replaced each month. New River Valley Ranger District, 276-228-5551.
    Hite Hollow Shooting Rnage

    Near Augusta Springs. This range is open from sunrise to sunset every day for firing rifles, pistols and shotguns at stationary targets. Moving targets such as clay pigeons and bottles are prohibited. From Staunton, take Route 254 west to Buffalo Gap, then Route 42 south about eight miles to Augusta Springs. Take Route 845 about a half-mile to Forest Development Road (FDR) 82, and follow this road about one mile to the range. (Deerfield Ranger District, 540-885-8028.)
    West Side Shooting Range

    Open year-round, it provides shooting lanes of various lengths, covered shooting benches and a parking area. The range is located on FDR 151, about one mile north of the junction of FDR 151 and Route 33. The turnoff is about one mile east of the Brandywine Lake Recreation Area, in West Virginia. (Dry River Ranger District, 540-828-2591.)
    Low Moor Shooting Range

    Located between Clifton Forge and Covington. Exit I-64 at Low Moor (Exit 21), go past entrance of the Alleghany Regional Hospital, go through railroad overpass, turn right onto Route 616 (Rich Patch Road) and follow approximately 1.6 miles. Turn left onto FDR 616 at the sign to the shooting range just past the Virginia Power Company sub-station on the left. Six rifle benches and 3 pistol benches are under roofed shelter. Features are: rifle range-stationary targets at 50 and 100 yards, and pistol range-stationary targets at 25 yards. Moving targets, such as clay pigeons are prohibited, as are glass bottles. Shooters must supply their own targets and are asked to keep the range clean of litter by taking away all target materials with them. The parking lot accommodates 5 vehicles. The range is open all year round and is not handicapped-accessible. (James River Ranger District, 540-962-2214.)
    Pott's Slop Shooting Range

    Pott's Slope Shooting Range: Located on the right of Route 311, approximately seven miles north of New Castle, Virginia, this range is handicapped-accessible with a covered shooting area.. The range features nine lanes for rifle/pistol use with stationary targets at 25, 50 and 100 yards. (New Castle Ranger District 540-864-5195.)
    Bath County Shooting Range

    With 10 covered benches for shooting at 50 and 100 yards, this range provides an excellent place to zero-in your firearms. The range is located off Route 609 in Bath County approximately five miles east of Warm Springs. From Warm Springs, take Route 39 east to Route 609, turn left and go approximately 1.25 miles to the range entrance on the right. (Warm Springs Ranger District, 540-839-2521.) Generally the ranges are open from sunrise to sunset every day for firing rifles, pistols and shotguns at stationary targets. Moving targets are prohibited. There is no fee collected for use of the range, but you may have to wait your turn.
    Important Reminders

    A couple of important facts to keep in mind as you plan your visit to the National Forest:
    • Firearms may be discharged for target practice only at established shooting ranges.
    • Firearms may be discharged in the general area for the purpose of hunting during the open season. Discharging a firearm in a developed recreation site is dangerous and prohibited.
    • For more information, contact the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest Headquarters at 5162 Valleypointe Parkway, Roanoke, VA 24019, 540-265-5100.

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