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  • How do you get started?

    Posted by Gman

    Several years ago I used to hunt upland game in Illinois - pheasant and bunnies...What would you all recommend as steps to take if I wanted to get back in the game? I do have a 12 guage - but would want it to be looked at and gone over before firing again - and getting a license is as easy as going on line. Are there other state regulations that are required before heading into the field?

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    Posted by Striper

    Hey Gman - for the longest time I had limited access to private property for deer, turkey and rabbit hunting - then I lost the access. Then I leased 1300 acres and then I was tired of the 2 hour drive to get to it. Then I had no private property to hunt. After I got married I gained access to 100 acres of prime hardwood with incredible deer and turkey hunting.

    All this to say that the toughest part is finding quality land. There are several places available to the public but the competition for space can be a premium. I do all my duck and goose hunting on public land and some days I am up at 3:30AM in order to stake my spot and even then some guys crowd me.

    Once you have your spot the only other thing is the proper licensing - I highly recommend to anyone to take a refresher course on hunting safety with the VDGIF. In your area find a reputable gunsmith and give the 12 gauge a good cleaning and lubrication. From there you should be able to maintain it yourself if you feel up to it.

    Let me know if there are other questions - I would love to help out with locations etc.


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      Posted by gman

      Thanks Striper - Appreciate the input


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        Posted by Dinger

        Hey Gman - what area of VA are you in?


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          Posted by gman

          Northern - On the prince william / facquier county border


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            Posted by dirtman

            Hey Gman...I am a member of National Sportsman Association and have been for almost 25 years. Land to hunt on is a valuable thing and our club leases quite a bit of it in PW, Fauquier, Culpeper, Spotsy and a little in MD. Check out the website at


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              Posted by gman

              Thanks for the info - I'll check it out.....


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                Hey dirtman i also am a memeber of national sportsman for three years now, I live up in bristow Prince william area and hunt the properties here pretty hard in turkey and deer season. Maybe I will see you out.......... Licking run was a hot spot last year for big bucks......


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                  Yep; I use to hunt Licking Run when we first got it. Have not been over there since all the pines grew up so you can't see much. I hunt mainly at Foxfire and Castleton #2. See you around. Member #337....
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