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Shooting rest and sighting in rifle

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  • Shooting rest and sighting in rifle

    Hello! I just purchased the Remington 700 30.06 which came with Bushnell banner scope and I need to see it. I know the methods on sighting in a rifle, but I wonder what found the best shooting rest for this procedure. I know there are a lot of issues on this, but I wanted to see if anyone could shed more light on what to use. Sandbags or maybe Caldwell Lead Sledge? What do you recommend and what are your experiences with them? Thanks guys.
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    I use this one:

    Easy to carry, set up. Very stable (altho' not quite as stable as a metal shooting stand). Works fine from a bench, on the ground.


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      Get you (if you can find them - sort of hard to come by these days) a pair of plain old TUBE socks, fill them
      with some good quality fine grain SAND, tie off the tops of the sock with string or long plastic twist of some
      kind - these make great rests for zeroing your rifle. I just put the sock on hood of my truck as a rifle rest
      and have at that target - however, make sure you have a target setup so that you don't get accused of hunting
      off of your vehicle. Hint, use some text books or magazines to adjust socks to proper levels.

      P.S. - Might want to double the socks (slip a second over the 2 socks that you put the sand in) so that
      your sand does not leak out of the sometime open weave of the sock material.
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