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Heads up on the Carbon Scent Lok garb

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  • Heads up on the Carbon Scent Lok garb

    Some hunters are sueing the manufacturer (that Cabela's, Bass Pro, etc sells) saying they can tell no difference in the the effects. While the trial is yet to begin, during the discovery phase, the so called experts freely admited that the technology does not make a big difference, and doesn't work for all smells, like underarm.....They have been selling these suites since 1992 and last year sold over 100 million dollars worth the stuff. Cabela's resells the stuff and add 100% markup.....

    Nice eh?

    Scent Lok is the brand and if you google it, there are various articles...I stumbled across it in the Airport reading a Field and Stream I bought to kill time.

    here is a URL to help....

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    the article in Field & Stream will most certainly bring on more lawsuits - Scent Lok appears to be in a lot of trouble...


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      There has been several studies done with the "scent blockers" that show that you can't hide your scent. It is not only with Scent Lok but with all the rest of the products as well. It will be interesting to see what happens with this.

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