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    Time to dress your clover plots with phosphate and potash and fertilizer ahead of the snow. I'm using 0-46-60 for this at the rate of 100lbs/acre. Remember clover does not need nitrogen. Hope everybody has a fun weekend!

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    Isn't that 106%?

    I think you mean 0-46-0 and 0-0-60 at either 100 each, or maybe 50 of each for 0-23-30?. Phosphate (0-46-0) would be better disked in prior to planting IMO, but 23 lbs/acre on top wouldn't hurt. Phosphorus doesn't move through the soil the same way as potash can on sandy soil. It's a great time to put out 0-0-60.

    Good point about the N, no need to push the weed competition.
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      you are correct in that i used 50lb ea of 0-46 and 0-0-60. that got the 100lb .i did find a shed in the plot