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GPS's and finding your way around property

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  • GPS's and finding your way around property

    Hi there,
    New to a hunt club, and in looking at the maps, etc. I was wondering if there was a good way to map, mark, and utilize the property using a hand held GPS, as well as being able to download "property maps" to the GPS, etc.

    I'm new to the whole handheld GPS stuff, so any and all information would be appreciated as I google the subjects and wade through all the available marketing information.

    Thanks in advance from Centreville, VA
    Centreville, VA

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    Goggle Earth is great. We have a big blow up of the area we hunt in which we use stick pins to place to where we are hunting so no one would be in the same area as you. Only time I use my handheld gps is if I'm on a long blood trail thats starting to take to me unfamiliar location.
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      I'm with Wayne. Go to Google Earth or to the county GIS website if they have one. Overlay the topographic feature on to the map. As you go thru the woods, fields, etc., hit "waypoint" on your GPS for certain things. IE....old house, creek crossing, old treestand, lots of deer sign, etc. etc. You can take that and transfer those points to your map.
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        Wayne & dirtman,
        I agree google earth, and google maps with the satellite image view are great for getting the lay of the land, but I'm kind of looking for a way log the boundary lines using my handheld gps, then load it up on one of the online maps, like google earth or maps. It sounds like waypoints are the way to create "pins" in the handheld. I assume you can upload your handheld waypoints back into the computer?

        Also, if someone goes out and marks the boundaries, and stand locations with waypoints, etc., then uploads it to a map, can others download them to their handhelds?

        Thanks again for the help!
        Centreville, VA



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