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    Absolutely! You do not need big acreage to pull of a grain plot like you would with soybeans or corn.

    Tell me what you have been doing and I'll try to find your trouble.
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      Mr Carver...

      Sorry for the EXtremely slow response. So here's what I did this year..

      About 2 weeks ago, I planted a mix of oats and clover(planted the clover just as a c.y.a move) in two seperate fields; one about 1 acre the other about 2 acres. I planted this anticipating rain and lucked out for once that the forcasts were correct. The plots are looking really good at this point, the oats are close to 2 inches tall and the clover maybe a 1/2 inch. After rereading your previous reports, now I'm a little worried about the oats getting "too big". Thoughts??? Would also be intertested in more info about the hsg ryegrass.

      Anyway, good reports and keep'em coming. Would be very intrested to see a spring/summer "side by side contest" with timeframes and the results.




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