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Do the type of batteries matter in a trail camera?

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  • Do the type of batteries matter in a trail camera?

    Seems like some of my trail cameras are sucking up batteries faster than they used to - could have been an old batch of batteries from the store, but I was wondering whats everyones opinion on the newer batteries like Duracell Quantum over the regular Duracell AA batteries.

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    I have not noticed a diffrence in my cameras so I just stick to basic Duracell or energizer

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      Same as Mike, I buy the Sams Club brand in bulk because I have 11 cameras using AA. I can't tell a difference. I have noticed that some older cameras just suck at being good. How old are the ones giving you trouble?


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        As to WingHome trail camera, when my camera ran out battery for the first time, I have the same question just like you.
        Finally, I contacted the customer service team and got a professional answer. So to speak, if you are not sure about the batteries of your trail camera, why not contact the support team? Aha



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