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Stealth Cam PX14 8MP Trail Camera

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  • Stealth Cam PX14 8MP Trail Camera

    I have spent a lot of money on trail cameras - maybe not as much as some - but I have spent upwards of maybe $1,800 on cameras. And lately I have been getting upset by Moultrie and other cameras going to crap after about 2 maybe 3 years. Lately I have been on the hunt for good cameras at or under $75. I wanted to dumb it down and simply deal with good quality pictures without tons of settings and crap. I have found the more cameras attempt to do - the more the turn to crap - I love my Moultrie Panoramic cameras but one is junk now.

    Just recently I bought the Stealth Cam PX14 - which is about $65 -> This was a camera that took longer to load the batteries, then it did to set up. It comes with several factory presets, and one setting for you to setup something different. Simply rotate a dial to a factory preset, or to yours. Close it up and walk away.

    Pics arent bad - it can be set at 4MP or 8MP - 8 is just fine, I dont need to be spending the money on 12MP cameras. My plans have shifted, I now set cameras to "watch" new trails etc. I want something that will wake up and just take a pic. I want to know if an area is active, and I dont need an expensive camera to do that. I have more expensive cameras to take video etc at food plots or mineral pits.

    I will most likely be purchasing a few more.

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    Hard to find cameras that last more than 2 years. Cuddebacks are the worst! My Bushnell lasted about 5 years or so. My Browning is starting it's 3rd year but I think I'm starting to have issues with it now. Shame because I really like it.

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      I saw a Moultrie D500 camera in Walmart a few months back. It was / is $50. I said WTH. Have it set up here at the house and the dang thing takes great pictures and has used only 5 % battery juice in about 3 months. Might try a couple of more. For $50 .....what the hey.
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        The more I have used this stealth cam, the more I wonder if it isnt junk. Nothing like pulling a card and seeing two pics on it and both are of my hand. I think it has a trigger issue as the camera not too far away had pics of deer along a trail heading towards this opening. Not sure I would buy any more of these.



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