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  • All of you crossbow hunters

    I think I'm gonna tweak my crossbow a bit this year. Running out of time as usual. Right now I am shooting a Muzzy 100 3 blade broadhead on my carbon bolts. I am using a Parker Terminator. What broadheads do you guys use and why? Wondering if I need to go a little bit heavier.
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    I use 100 gr Red Hots on Red Hot bolts, they group really well out of my Parker Tornado. I've only shot two deer with them but both times there was a good blood trail and the deer didn't go farther than 50-60 yards.


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      I shoot swacker 100 them they are awesome!


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        Parker Enforcer - using Parker bolts from CarbonExpress and a G5 T3 mechanical blade thats 100 grain - new to crossbows this season but mine shoots just like field points and I like this style of mechanical heads better than others - no o-rings etc.


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          I dont shoot a crossbow but if you prefer a fixed blade head its tough to beat a Slick Trick. I shoot the 100 gr magnums. They fly great even out of a high speed bow and do serious damage to a whitetail.

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            I use g5 montec fixed 100 grain on my barnett crossbow


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              Oh and the g5s they are very deadly,shot 2 deer last week with one shot and arrow still went into tree