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My 2014 Deer Season Journal

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  • My 2014 Deer Season Journal

    I figured I would try something different, I would just use one thread as a running log of my season instead of creating multiple threads etc. I would encourage anyone to ask questions or jump in. Also please share your hunting reports in the forums! With the Android App (sorry Apple Users) I (and you) can update the reports from the field with ease.

    Tried to get ahead of the front yesterday and see if it would get deer up and moving. The rain hit right as I got in my stand and lasted for maybe 25 minutes, plus the temps dropped 13 degrees over the course of the hunt that evening. The only thing I saw was a mature doe cruising the edge of the plot just 10 feet inside the wood line. Seeing more deer do this inside a 30 yard stretch - might preposition and see what scrapes or rubs I can find. Maybe move a few cameras around.

    As far as game cameras go, I have been looking at dates and times much more this year. I made a conscious decision to not hunt early mornings because of deer feeding back in to the bedding areas. And it has been interesting - plus I hate getting up that early all the time. The number of deer I have seen in daylight hours is much higher than in years past. And its because I am careful not to be bumping deer on the way to the beds. My game cameras are also showing me deer activity during the times that I would normally be going to the stand. This tells me I would have bumped a lot of deer - all we are doing is educating them....

    Here are some interesting trail came pics and videos from this week

    These two are pretty funny looking - my cam is setup to take a pic and then shoot video. SO the pic happened first then the video below. This is at my mock scrape along a road that is the property line - the one I pee in.

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    Here is one buck that has been on camera in the day time - just not with my own eyes yet


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      Back in the stand - 58 degrees and a favorable wind direction. Just made a new mock scrape hoping it pays off this season.


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        Getting ready to head out myself. I sat through the rain this morning and got busted by a couple of mature does...


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          No worse feeling than the sound of a deer blowing as hard as they can.

          Off and on showers - 1 lone doe so far


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            Well tonight was one of those "all at once" kinda nights. I really thought the deer would be moving sooner and feeding with the temps and rain. But again it was one of those days when all the activity was in a compressed time. The one thing I have been noticing is that several deer have not been coming out in to the food plot/fruit trees. Instead they have been keeping just 5-10' inside the tree line - the same line as the doe and yearling today. The one yearling came in downwind and was literally 6' off the ladder on my stand and just kept feeding. So at the end of the day I decided to shift some cameras around to try and watch things differently. The first was a camera just inside the tree line to capture deer staying just inside the tree line in the mixed hardwoods and not coming out in to the plot. The next was to cover the road that comes in to the plot to see whats crossing. Lastly, I added a new mock scrape on this road with a camera on the opposite side to shoot video.

            So here is a map of the area I am focusing in on, its maybe 15 acres out of the 96 acres - any white space is roads/trails through the property.
            Stars = tree stands
            Red Dots = mock scrapes


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              I forgot to add in my previous post

              Seen 17 deer this season in the stand, only 2 young bucks and probably missed another 6 while playing Robo Defense on my phone.....


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                lol put the phone away Cletus...
                Crank That Jank!


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                  Not going to be out until Sunday but I did grab my cards from the game cameras today and got 5 small persimmon in the ground before the rain. The plot is still filling in nicely - the pic below is at 3 weeks growth.

                  Click image for larger version

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                  Not much activity on the new mock scrapes but they usually take a week at least, and these have only been out since Saturday night. This nice buck - guessing maybe 2.5 years has been hitting a new salt pit that was started in June. He is literally eye balls deep in it. He tends to come around at time at the same time. Crazy weather and hoping it stabilizes soon.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Young Buck.jpg
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                    More pics and videos to come with more thoughts tonight, but G3 Mike mentioned to me that he had seen deer easing up on acorns and hitting grasses and such.

                    Just climbed in my stand and rolled through 7 cards of pics and videos. I have a lot more activity on the plot than before - but deer are still hitting acorns fairly hard. I have some white oaks that seemed to have dropped everything they had left - piles of acorns.

                    The new mock scrapes are attracting doe and young bucks - same with the long time mock scrapes. A beautiful tall 8 came through at 7AM the other morning on camera, feeding out of a field 80-90 yards away - lots of day time pics still which is good


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                      These "brown goats" are kicking my tail so far this year. I've only had 1 good "sit" seeing multiple deer. Have only seen horns on 2 sits. Ive set up on food plots only to see does and younger deer; have sat on Oak Ridges and flats with very few sightings.... so needeless to say it has been frustrating so far. Last week I did see a pick up in rubs and scrapes.... so hopefully that combined with the cooler weather this week; the action will pick up.

                      Ive gone down from getting pics of 3 shooters to getting no pics of shooters.... I think some outside interferance(have had issues with hunting and house dogs in my area) has buggered them up and changed their bedding areas.

                      Good Luck!!!


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                        Hey Eddie - I have been doing the same, sitting on plots - I know I should be in the oaks, but I am really trying to learn more about seasonal patterns and travel routes for later in the season. Yesterday evening I saw one young doe before I had to climb out. I have to be out by 4PM, so I left a little earlier so that I didnt bump deer that were on their feet early to feed.

                        I did come across something weird. I was standing there looking at one of my new pear trees that stands about 7-8' high - and something just wasnt right about it. Then I realized that the 6.5' cage that is 4 feet across to protect it was missing. I started looking around and realized that it was laying 10' away and was jacked up. I knew the wind couldnt have done it because no other tree was affected and it was impossible for the wind to carry a wire cage 7-8' up and over a tree.

                        This pear tree was about 4' from a mock scrape I had made, my only guess is that a buck of some sort had gotten an antler hooked on it and went freaking nuts trying to get away from the metal cage. I though I had a camera close enough to cover the scrape as well as the plot - but at night it was just too far away. I would have loved to see the deer get all tweaked out from that.

                        Seen 18 deer this season in the stand, only 2 young bucks and probably missed another 7 while playing Robo Defense on my phone.....


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                          Went this am. Saw nothing. Noticed some good scrapes close to my stand and just a tiny rub. Cameras have a lot of does in my food plots late, late evening and dark of night. Only one decent buck out of 600+ pictures.
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                            Stripe..... thats normally my MO for early season, more like serious scouting... get a read on deer movement and travel paths and then be ready the last cpl weeks of Oct. But i hadnt seen enough doing the same thing to decifer anything. Yesterday I went to a farm in Caroline County that has the most beautiful ridge of Oaks I know of.... and it was LOADED with acorns. Wind was Perfect, was the coolest evening to date, and my anticipation was high of seeing a large number of deer with an outside hope of a shooter. Historiclly, this place has been outstanding when we have a bumper mast crop!!! I did see a gang of turkeys, but did not see a deer... None... Nada!

                            Back to the drawing board!

                            I guess i pose the question to the group here...... Has ANYONE seen a mature buck on it's feet during daylight hours?? I had a buddy get one 2 weeks ago today, but have not heard of anything from anyone since of seeing a shooter.



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                              I have a close circle of 3 other hunters - we constantly are sharing stuff about 3-4 times a week, all our hunting land spaced about 15 miles apart from one another through Powhatan and Goochland - only one has seen a wall hanger in daylight, in person. I have seen several on camera in shooting hours but not in person - only a couple scrappy young bucks.