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Hunters for the Hungry Sets new Record!

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  • Hunters for the Hungry Sets new Record!

    363,484 pounds of venison provided to those in need

    Through the generosity of the hunters of Virginia and those who donated the necessary funding to cover the costs of having the meat professionally processed, the Hunters for the Hungry program was able to process and distribute 363,484 pounds of venison. This exceeds the program’s 2007 goal by 3,484 pounds and sets a new record for venison distribution.

    Over 1.4 million four-ounce servings of this nutritious, lowfat meat were provided to families and individuals living in poverty. The meat is given to local feeding programs who in turn provide it to people in need in their community. Total distribution since 1991, when the program began, is now over three million, three hundred thousand pounds.

    Program Director, Laura Newell-Furniss said “We are extremely grateful to the hunters of Virginia for so generously sharing their harvest and to each and every person, business, church, foundation, community or outdoor group who made a financial gift this year. We had more requests for the venison than ever before and we are thankful to all those who donated. We also greatly appreciate our participating processors, the majority of whom give us a significant discount off their normal fee and to the feeding programs that distribute the meat for their part in making this program possible.”

    Pam Irwin, Director of the SW Virginia Foodbank referred to the donated venison as “gold” when asked recently what the meat meant to their feeding program. With government commodities being severely cutback in 2007, the venison that Hunters for the Hungry supplies has been a huge help to local feeding programs across Virginia.

    A general firearms season for antlerless deer continues in the counties of Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William until February 2. The late urban archery season continues until March 29 in 20 cities and towns around the Commonwealth as well as the County of Fairfax. Deer will also continue to be harvested on damage permits and municipal management efforts. As always we would encourage anyone wanting to donate a deer to contact their local participating processor for directions and hours of operation. The Hunters for the Hungry program expects to receive bills for an additional 100,000 pounds of meat by the end of March. Financial gifts would be a tremendous help at this time.

    The program remains cost-effective, averaging a cost of 80 cents per pound for processing. Thus, they are able to package 5 servings of venison for every dollar donated. People wanting to assist this hunger-relief organization can contact their office at 1-800-352-4868, or by email at [email protected]. Donations and requests for more information can be mailed to Hunters for the Hungry, P.O. Box 304, Big Island, VA 24526. You can also learn more about the program by visiting their website at

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