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Turkey Update - Homestretch

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  • Turkey Update - Homestretch

    We've smacked two more longbeards over the past week. The weather played havoc on a couple trips, but we still magaed to get on the birds. It's always a bitter/sweet end to the season. On one hand, the hunting seems to be getting better each day with more and more available hot birds; on the other hand I'm not sure my older, out of shape body could take many more 3:30 mornings. Hope everyone gets in a last hunt or two, the weather should be good for us. After this week, I will switch my entire focus over to bass fishing....

    Good Luck to All and I'll have a final post for the entire season for us.

    Eddie Griggs

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    I am glad someone is having a extrodinary year. I cant find time to hunt during the week and the weekends have been the most part awful. We called in some jakes but I have only 1 londbeard this year. But it was the best one I have ever taken. Just havn't had luck getting my daughter a bird. Good luck to all.


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      Same here. Haven't been able to hunt during the week and the birds have had lock jaw on weekends for me. I'm hoping to go tomorrow and Sat mornings.
      My dad killed a nice one Monday... 21 lbs., 11" beard and 1" spurs.

      2004 Fishers of Men VA-East Division Champions