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Rail or Snipe hunting?

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  • Rail or Snipe hunting?

    Does anyone do any rail or snipe hunting? I have a German Shorthaired Pointer that I would love to get on some more wild birds and our current quail population isn't cutting it.

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    I did some rail hunting when I was a kid in Maryland. We hunted from a boat. We paddled in small creeks and would slap a wooden paddle on the side of the boat and the rail birds would come to the edge of the creek.


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      I wonder if the tidewater region or easternshore has some public land with swipe or rail


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        Originally posted by actsman View Post
        I wonder if the tidewater region or easternshore has some public land with swipe or rail
        yup mockhorn island on the eastern shore is a WMA open to the public. thats if you can find the canals leading to it and not get hung up on a mud flat or oyster bar. you want to hit it at high tide , the rails are restricted to smaller areas


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          Sorry for a late post

          Mock horn is a good spot but to work a dog i would tell you to hunt the western shore of the bay . The reason I say this is hunting rail at low tide is much more like hunting quail . One would walk kicking the the marsh grass with the dog out front . If you are still on here I will be glad to take you.

          :) LD :cool:


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            I went snipe hunting as a kid a lot... my brother always had me go at night, never caught one.... :cool:


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              I did snipe hunting last year. I kept seeing them but was not sure about the I.D., so I did not shoot any until the next visit.
              The water was very low last year on the Tennessee and there were lots of them near the mouths of creeks and on the flats.
              I used a sneak boat to get up on them.
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