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    Dang glad I posted to this thread for I do so love to talk fowl . Teal in September isn't something you can plan on but one can target them right easy . Pick a open section of marsh that has something like a tree or a bush or some kind of structure rising above the marsh that is always there . It is a good bet that teal as well as other birds use it as a landmark. Teal love to dart around such things . If you find such a place leave the decoys home and ready yourself for a wing shooting day . Oh yer freshwater is better then saltwater but it doesn't matter with a weather front out of the north west .

    :cool: LD :)


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      Roger all. Thought it was a bit early for teal. Spoke w/ the staff biologist where I work - he says weather in their typical summer grounds has been cooler than average. May be pushing them south sooner. Just no mistaking migrators from local ducks. Could be an interesting season.



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