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James River Catfishing Report 7/27 Part 2

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  • James River Catfishing Report 7/27 Part 2

    So we ran the remaining lines and first thing I noticed was that there was bait everywhere. Also saw more bluegill in this stretch of the James river than I can recently recall. After having that one cat mess up a hook so quickly, i was a bit worried how the others would hold up.

    Overall, hooks didnt so too bad, but that doesnt mean they held up completely. Numbers weren't what we were hoping for. Ended up landing another 3 blue catfish and two flathead catfish. The bigger flathead cat was 39 inches, just an inch shy of a citation catfish.

    We located some great holes and structure, but played with weighted lines versus just letting some of the bluegill swim. Just need to keep switching it up until we get back to that higher hookup to line ratio we were at earlier.

    The biggest flathead of the day.
    James River Flathead Catfish

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    Nice looking fltahead, how big do they typically get.


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      A citation flathead is 40", from there begin getting a really good size girth- faster than they keep adding length. This a stretch out in goochland county, it's not uncommon to come across some 20 to 25 pounds with some pushing upwards of 35 if you get really lucky.


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        nice cats!
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