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Catfishing Dutch Gap

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  • Catfishing Dutch Gap

    Planning on heading to Dutch Gap this weekend to try and catch a few cats. I have never been to the area and was wondering if anyone had any advice or tips on what bait to use and where ego exactly go. Was planning on just using a simple Carolina rig and some cut bait. Thanks all!

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    Dutch Gap is a good place to start. The most important thing is to look at the maps of the river - look for deep drops, ledges etc. Get a general idea as to where these features exist and use your electronics to pinpoint them. Take plenty of rods, fish baits on the drop and on the top of the ledge, sometimes they will stage in different areas within that feature - also depends on the tide. Key thing is cover the bases. Be sure to not waste too much time in a given area. If cats are there and feeding then you will know. I personally dont spend more than 20-25 minutes on a hole before moving on if no bites. I try to take as many different baits until I know what they are keying in on - these are typically live brim, live eels and fresh shad - I may cut the eels up in to chunks depending on their size. I also carry a cast net in order to reload on some fresh live bait.

    As for where specifically to go - its almost not worth answering some times because its like bass fishing - someone can point you to 8 different bruch piles and they may not be on brush they may be on rip rap. Its more important to look at the larger features within the river system and develop your "milk run" so that you can hit as many as possible when several dont pan out.

    These are just my opinions and observations and I know everyone has their favorite routines.