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Fishing the Chickahominy

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  • Fishing the Chickahominy

    Posted by bill1wts

    I am going to venture over there on Aug 25th. Anyone fish it before or recently - got a good place to launch and any tips would be helpful. Thanks

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    Posted by fishfever

    last time i was at the chickahomony july..i fished right at the dam fishing the lilly pads. i was throwing a spro frog. it has a green back..white belly..chartruse and white legs. also a chatter bait and berkley power worm. It didnt matter the weather they would bite it all day long.


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      Posted by Bill1wts

      Thanks for the reply - I am going to launch at River's Rest and fish my way to the dam. Now I am hoping to get there the 24th and 25th. Me and my son are going to check it out and see if it is worth taking my wife and daughter there


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        Posted by fishgfever

        river rest is nice since they paved it and put in a swimming pool. plenty of boat docks. the resturant should be open as well by now. very nice place.


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          I go here this Summer trying new places all Summer
          I hear good things.
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