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Chickahominy River Fishing Report - 10 May

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  • Chickahominy River Fishing Report - 10 May

    So, with the upcoming VAO Tourney coming up, i thought I would try the chic on saturday. I have only been here a couple times even though its close by due to my ignornance on fishing tidal rivers (thanks to Big E for giving me some info). So I get to the ramp (chic river park) and I find an Anglers Choice Tourney there, so I hang back and wait for all those guys to launch since I am alone and didnt want to take up ramp space and hold anyone up. Ended up getting on the water about 730....a good 90 mins after I feel as if i missed the best time for a morning not knowing where to go, I just head up river to see if there were any pads up i find a spot and start throwing a search bait ( a manns baby 1-) after a while, I thought I would try out a frog anyway although it was now around 9 am. I start casting around some pads and cypress trees and about the 3d cast, I have one roll on the frog, but no strike. I keep throwing and finaly get a hit, but its a small, really small, 8 in fish. I kept fishing the area and landed two more, one of which was close to 3lbs maybe and the other a good solid 2 lbs. Now the tide is really high and the pads are under water, and no more action on the frog...I leave and make my way up to the dam area hitting all spots that look good to me...threw 4in plastics, spinners, cranks, carolina rigs, dropshot, flukes, even buzzbaits since it was cloudy and no bites the rest of the day! I went back to ramp at 3 to watch the weigh in and first and second place tied with 22.25 lbs... I talked to a lake anna guide that was there and they had 4 fish for about 10lbs and said he was in 8th place...I just couldnt find them....these tidal waters really get the best of me i guess....still a good time, only my second time ever catching a fish on a that was awesome! Looking forward to our tourney on the 17th! See you there.


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    Thanks for the report Nate. With the Chic so close to you you should be on there 3 times a week! We ll
    Figure it out :)
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      We used to do well just fishing from the public boat ramp on Morris Creek. Of course, we'd fish minnows most of those times so I can't tell you which color lures work best. However, it's a creek that's not as overwhelming to fish for someone just learning the water and working the tide. I caught a giant crappie down there and my buddy caught a nice a yellow cat. We'd catch our share of nice bass, but a lot of disgusting eels too. During low light times, a nice chartreuse buzzbait ought to work down there around cover.
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        Good report Nate. If you've never done much on the frog, then you need to get up to the Potomac this summer.

        The VAO Frog only tournament is in June, I think.
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          Glad you caught some Nate! Its a little tough right now with the spawn going on. Once they finish up the post spawn bite will be good and you will catch plenty more on the frog. good luck!

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