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8/2/2014 Chick River Tournament Results

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  • 8/2/2014 Chick River Tournament Results

    Ended up being a really nice day for fishing. Misted some in the morning, but mostly cloudy, cool and low wind. Started out up near the Dam near Binns Creek. Perfect conditions, and I was the first one on the spot, but with-in minutes there must of been 50 boats. From Rivers Rest up to the dam not a spot open. Fished until 10am with nare a sniff. No one around us was doing anything either. Decide to cut my game plan and head for the back of a creek back down river. As soon as I pulled up, it was on. Zell Pop Arkansas Shiner was taking a beating. All day sometimes every cast. Came in with 14lbs. Tournament was won with 19 1/2 pounds. There were many 18lb sacks. My understanding is main river wasn't on and many switched to different patterns. I know some did catch limits on the main, but they were small. All the big weights came in the backs of creeks. The frog did well for some as well. Caught some keepers on Green Pumpkin Orange speed craw too. Allot of people tight lipped as there is an open going out on Chick soon. All my fish came off of the grass. The bass were on the bait fish like I've never seen. When I had to leave to head back to check-in, the bigger fish had just moved in and the wakes looked liked sharks, as they were going in so shallow you could see their backs. Many of my fish came in less than 6 inches of water, others came right when the grass edge dropped. Popper had to be moving fast, no slow hits. Bring it across the water quick, but not hard. My hits all came when I brought it across the top stitching it fast, and when I say fast, I mean buzz bait fast, but making barely any noise. It was grass or wood. But not just any wood. One log caught seven nice ones to keep culling. There was wood everywhere near this one log, in water that is as fishy as it gets. But the fish only came off this one log and it was on an inside bend right on the corner in about 2 foot of water. Go figure.
    Only fished a stretch about 50 yards wide. When I pulled up- there was another boat there. He wasn't doing so well. He did say he caught 4 small fish on a Baby Brush, he was throwing a bluish purple color. Anyway, he said it was dead in there and with-in minutes took off. If he had only known haha.

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    Good report....looking forward to fishing there in 3 weeks:)


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      Pretty awesome detailed report! Good job!

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        Nice report. I'll have to try that retrieve. That is the essence of fishing to me. You know they are there, you just gotta unlock the secret of the day, moment, etc....

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