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Chick FoM, 25 June 2016

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  • Chick FoM, 25 June 2016

    Squire and I always look forward to going to the Chick. Both of us had to move some things around to fit this in. Worth every minute of effort. We teamed up w/ our usual travel mates and stayed at the Rockahock cabins. Sweet lil deal if you every entertain the notion of heading that way for a getaway.

    Practice. Got out a bit on THUR but that was curtailed significantly by weather. A couple of peanuts from the usual places - pad/grass edges, docks, wood, drains. FRI was a better day all around. Fished all stages of the tide and was able to find a bite that would repeat. Spinnerbait, squarebill, topwater, fluke, and soft plastics all produced. Got to where I could about call my shots on bites. Fish were actively feeding and it was fun. Steve got into a good frog bite - will let him fill y'all in on that.

    TX day. Weather and the bite changed overnite. The last wave of storms brought in high pressure. Clouds lingered almost all day. We picked up where we left off in practice, attempting to get the previous days bites to repeat. Nope. Had a solid strike on a fluke in the pads early in the day. Had him on for a second and then he shook off. That scenario would repeat throughout the day. We picked and prodded our way thru the pads up in the dam area without so much as a sniff. We moved out to the outer edges and I picked our first keeper on a squarebill. This fish was out roaming, not in any of the pad beds. I threw that squarebill for a good part of the rest of the AM without a nibble. We moved down river a bit to an area that had docks, pads, and a well defined ledge w/ brush and stumps. We fished that hard for ~2 hours at the best part of the outgoing tide with only one fish to show for it - a solid 2-2.5 lb chunk that hit a TX-rigged creature bait off of a ledge. Steve had a fish finally hit his frog but it came off. We moved back up to the dam area as the tide shifted. Steve had a couple more blow-ups on his frog but no bites other than those. We trailered at 1 with 2 keepers for about 4.5-5 lbs and called it a day.

    Observations: 1) Water temps were still fairly cool - 78 on THUR, 80 on FRI, 79 on TX day. Water is very tannic and slightly stained. Maybe 2' of viz. 2) No shortage of fish activity. Carp, white bass, and gar are all over the main channels and backwater areas. 3) I was disappointed by the lack of grass. There are areas where it's coming in but it's way late and very thin. Not thick and matted like in years past. It'll fill as the heat of summer builds. Could make for some special fall fishing. 4) Baitfish is scattered and running in small pods in the main channel. The white bass were having a field day w/ them. 5) Marked lots of fish (bass) holding on breaks in 5-12'. The sharper the break the more concentrated they seemed to be. A quick study of your electronix tells you locals have spent lots of time enhancing the areas w/ the sharper breaks.

    While I always look forward to coming to the Chick this trip was more about healing than it was about fishing. Jim Whittman decided at the last minute to fish this one. He somehow mustered the composure to share some of what he's been thru this past week at the FRI meeting. Many of my 32 years on active duty were spent in combat areas, declared and otherwise. I've seen some heroic things in my day but nothing that rivals the courage and passion of Jim's message. For those of you looking for some tangible sign of God here on earth just go shake Whittman's hand. There is something powerful and magnetic about his faith. In the face of loss and sorrow he's found a way to celebrate his faith even more. Wow. Just wow.

    Sorry there isn't more to help y'all with on the fishing side but like I said, this trip was more about healing.

    God is good.

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    Great report as always B, thanks


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      Jim and I found the same patterns to be true for both days. Friday was a very good bite and sat it got really tough. We worked very hard for six bites that came in just under 10 pounds. We considered running to a few lower creeks on the James but like you said; it's was more about healing than cashing a check. It was nice to get out and fellowship with my good friends. Thank you for the kind words. All I can say is I'm humbled and honored to call you my friend and brother in Christ. God bless you guys and see ya on the water again soon.
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        thanks for sharing
        Make VAO Great again


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          Spot on report 31! I heard that Friday was a good day but Saturday was tough for sure. We caught probably 10 bass with 7 being keepers. Our best 5 would only go about 8 lbs. Caught all our fish on t-rig finesse worms on main river wood.

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