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Chick 6/25..... FOM Red Andy version

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  • Chick 6/25..... FOM Red Andy version

    My partner Doug and I made it to the 4th stop of our FOM East season. I towed the Camper down Thursday and the wife towed the boat, so we could make a family weekend of it.

    Thurs night got to hang out with 31, Squire. If anyone has been able to spend time with those two it was alot of fun, got to meet their travel partners which were pretty great guys also.

    Friday I fished from about 6 -10 am which was a fair amount of the outgoing tide. Found a few decent fish, but to go along with how my weekend was the previous Sat, I caught fish on multiple baits, squarebill, spinnerbait. but didn't throw plastics much. I wanted to move and go trough alot of areas.
    Meeting Friday night was AWESOME. Thank You J1M for your message, It was great to see you and talk with you. it is a honor to call you a friend, Your faith and friendship is truly valued.

    Tournament day Doug and I started the same area I started Friday, I was able to quickly pick our first keeper up on a spinnerbait near some cypress, we ground around trough the cypress, pads, and docks and I picked another up as the tide started out on a Baby Brush hog. Then a little further down Doug got one on a Senko. I was thinking not too bad we were just under 3 hrs into our day, and had three in the boat, I was expecting a grind, but can handle that pace. Then the tide was really into its outgoing phase and for us the bite died. We started hopping around a little, and I think I just spun out a bit. I got a non keeper almost 3hrs after Dougs fish almost at the bottom of the tide. We ran around between the thoroughfare and the dam and stopped in a upriver creek with about 1.5 hrs to go with an incoming tide, at that point I lost one on a BBH that was probably 14-15", I didnt really feel the bite and never got a hook in it, not devastating IF we had a limit already, then a little further in Doug had one break off on a swim jig, again a fish in the 1.75-2lb range, not a huge deal IF we already had a limit. Our execution was off at the end of the day on out final couple chances, I guess we were both a little mentally out of it then. We weighed the 3 fish for I believe 4.98lbs.

    Our results were a little off of what I wanted for this one, BUT the fellowship at this event was spectacular and really reminded me of what the funnest part of doing this is, to enjoy each others company while we enjoy the same hobby. It reminded me of the first club I was in Bump-a-Stump, the sharing a comraderie at this event was great and the was the reason I got hooked on Tx fishing. So this was a great event, hope there are many more like it.

    Congrats to Team Williams, on a fantastic 18+ pound bag, that father and son team are great to hang out with and can sure Catch 'em!!

    Final regular season event coming up on the Pamunkey, love that river, It will be another great time!

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    I enjoy our visits and fellowship Andy, it makes a tough day of fishing all worth it. And sat was a tough bite for most anglers out there. Bait someone always figures out the right thing to do in the right place. Congratulations
    To Mike and his father. They spanked us pretty good lol.
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      Thanks for the report Andy.


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        Good report Andy. It was definitely a tough day! We had 5 little ones.

        2004 Fishers of Men VA-East Division Champions