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3/4 FOM Va East

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  • 3/4 FOM Va East

    First event of the Year for Va East, had a decent turnout of 20 boats. This is by far the earliest I have ever fished the Chick, or any rivers here, Feb-Mar are typically lake months for me.

    I didn't have alot of time to practice or pre-fish, Doug and I did get out on 2/11 which was mainly a scouting trip for me. Even though I feel I am very familiar with the Chick I wanted to go out and get acquainted with it when it is pad-less. I know from experience these Tidal rivers can look like a totally different body of water early season before the pads are up. We happened to have a extreme low full moon tide on our practice day as well.

    Tx day: I was a little anxious, the strong fronts that moved trough I thought would really mess the fish up that had been used to a extended warming period. Knowing the NW wind had pushed alot of the water out of the river, to me it limited the places I had planned to fish. I decided to focus on first drops on main river areas that had hard cover. We caught fish almost all day in flurries of 2 or 3 within 10 mins or so and go 30 or 45 min and have another 2-3 fish flurry.

    We culled up to a small limit of 10.8 lbs, biggest fish we had was ~3 lbs, If we had couple more solids like that or a decent 6-7 lb kicker we would have been in the vicinity of the bottom of the top 5. I feel good about our day and our execution, I had one heavy fish come off on a Crankbait, I know it was not a catfish, I'll convince myself it was a striper since we did catch two nice stripers about 30yds further down the bank. I think we were doing the right things in the right type areas, we just didn't come across the right fish. All the fish I weighed were on a 1/4oz black/blue or Green pumpkin jig, Doug had one on a white chatterbait and the others on a heavier 1/2 or 3/4 oz green pumpkin jig. I did have a few bass and the striper on a SPRO little john, and believe Doug caught his striper on a red rattletrap.

    A much better start for us this season compared to last, where we had one fish and it seemed like everyone else had 14 or more pounds at Buggs

    Congrats to Brad and Jay on the Win, with a massive 26+ pound bag and giant 11.3 lb big fish
    also congrats to Big E and his brother for 2nd place with an awesome 22+ pound bag and I believe 8 lb big fish!

    On to Anna on March 25th!!

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    Good start, and it sounds like they were chewing pretty good on the Chick.

    Thanks for the report.
    Wishin' I was fishin'...



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      Good job Andy! Good to see and get to talk to you this weekend!

      2004 Fishers of Men VA-East Division Champions