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Chick June 25th

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  • Chick June 25th

    First time on the Chick. Put in at Rockahock about 4:30, tide was incoming, water temp 90 degrees and fortunately there was some cloud cover.
    Met my 24 year old son at the ramp, hadn't fished with him in quite a few years, so it was great to be sharing a boat with him regardless of the fishing. He caught one about 2.5 pounds within the first 10 casts throwing a top water in the mouth of a little creek, we were expecting more good things to come........but they never did. We moved down river and fished a larger creek, mostly pads adjacent to deeper water. We did have three blow ups on a buzz bait the last 30 minutes before the sun went down. Most exciting part of the day was a large water snake attacked his whopper plopper and actually got tangled up in the hooks/line. We pulled it into the boat and carefully freed the should have seen us both dash from the front deck to the rear as the snake took off. It landed on the floor and immediately went for the shade of the console and up behind the hot foot. We couldn't get it out and I was afraid it would find a hole and really be a problem. Fortunately we left it along and all of a sudden it came out and climbed up the passenger seat and up to the back deck where my son was fishing. He jumped to the front deck and the snake made its way back to the water. What a relief because I don't know how I was going to drive the boat knowing there was a snake somewhere under the console. Chick is a beautiful river with lots of good looking cover. I plan on spending more time there this fall. I'm curious how the boat traffic is on the weekend?

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    The snake must have been something to watch! The chic is a great place, water temps have climbed high and quick


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      I would have set the boat on fire and swam back to shore with that snake in it! LOL The pleasure boat traffic on the weekends in the summer can be awful. Usually gets started around 10:30-11:00.

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