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Chickahominy report - 6/25/2011

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  • Chickahominy report - 6/25/2011

    I have an FOM on the James River on July 16th and decided it was time to actually fish it and of course the Chickahominy River as we try and setup a game plan to stay in the Regionals cut.

    Well, Big E and I have been trying to get together and fish for a couple years now, so I guess this nudged me over the line. I got up at 2:15 and met in at an exit off of 295 and we were on the water by 7am.....Launched out of River's Rest (nice place)......

    High Tide was about 8:50 so we had high water and outgoing for most of the day. BFL was also in the area (they launched out of Osborne but of course many make the 40mile run to the famous Chicks river)....

    Since I had not fished it before, I brought my boat as I wanted to get used to running the river and get an ideal on how to run it and keep my LU attached :) Eric has been fishing the Chicks all his life, he and his brother have won FOM regionals in the past, and his dad is a long time Tx fisherman....Well, he has an amazing knowledge of the River. The angles to take, where the channels are, structure, how to fish the Tides, bait selection, etc., he is a very accomplished angler.

    Ok, platitudes aside (spell check for me Tight :)), we had a great day on the water. I love to hear the history of most anything, and to basically watch an expert decompose the conditions, adapt, and to formulate a gameplan.

    Net for the day was about 12 fish, with my 2 (yes, I got school'd and not ashamed of it) being dinks. One was caught on a rage tail worm (texas rigged), the other on a chatterbait (Teddy Carr special ;)....

    Where did we fish? From the mouth (rt 5 bridge) to the Dam....I could not recall all the cuts and creeks we fished other than to say I got the grand tour.....

    This is a great fishery. There are miles and miles of beautiful looking pad fields (E got some on a frog, need to get yet another color LOL), lots of rocky and woody points as the river and the creeks meander constantly, a huge tide that really changes the dynamics and oh, did I mention the Cyprus Trees? Never fished anything like that before....Bring plenty of jigs!!!!!

    All the same baits from the Potomac work on the Chick, just be careful to pay attention to the colors depending on which end, as near Walkers Dam, the water is clean, but tannic, while near Rivers Rest, it is heavily stained (kind of a muddy stain)....

    Lessons for me? It is fishing....Points, Pads, eddy area's and maybe the one "secret" I'll let out.....they are bass....put it in front of them with a good cast and the right fall rate/profile and they will on fine tuning that for a lifetime, and you set the hook on bass that don't bite...Eric is one of the few jig fisherman I have fished with who set the hook and catch those phantom bites because he is really attuned to the feel and the line and if it does anything not natural, he sets the hook....most of the fish he caught, he never felt them.....he just knows his fall rate, depth and current affects so well, he knows when it just ain't right.....So, I am sure that I had about 3 or 4 bites in hindsight, that I missed because i was unsure...though I did get 2 that I was 2 late on then set the hook into a the bruised ribs to show for it this morning....

    Net/Net: We had just a great day, a couple beers when I dropped him off at his truck (we got run off and the guy who worked at the Gas Station, was watching us for 1/2 hour talking and drink a beer, trying to impress us he was serious we should leave immediately - said "Cops on the way"...Nice).....By the time I got home, it was 11pm.....stopped at McDonalds and it was the first time I had eaten all day, after a long day, that is how focused I was all day fishing....

    Thank You Big E!!!!!

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    nice work, dood. ;)


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      I've got to thank Steve for a great day on the water. I had a great time buddy and really look forward to doing it again on any body of water! Sorry our 19th hole got cut a little short.

      After checking the weights from the BFL I don't think we had too bad a day. We caught our first fish mid river with the tide still coming in. Told Steve that was a bonus fish right there. We went down river to catch the start of the out going tide. Caught a handful down there and worked our way all the way to the dam. We caught them here and there but the bite was just off. I told Steve I thought the front that went thru the day before did something to the fish. I still feel like that was the case after seeing the BFL weights. We should have caught more than we did but nevertheless it was a pleasure to finally get to fish with Steve. I'm still amazed by the mobile tackle shop in the back of that truck! Thanks again Steve.

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        I love the chic - hope my boater(s) goes there in the open

        CHUCK n DUCK


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          I think the lower chick (Gordons & Morris creeks) and the James are fishing better right now. The upper chick seems to be loaded with small fish right now. I think pleasure boat traffic does something to them in the hot months. A friend and I went out and caught about 14 lbs from 8:30 to 3:00. I didnt know the BFL was going on till I got out. I saw a million spinnerbaits. It only took 15lbs to win and 12lbs was second. I think winning bag came out of Chippokes. I threw crankbait and friend threw speedcraw.



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