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Chickahominy 7-9-11

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  • Chickahominy 7-9-11

    I fished the Chick Sat. as my first tournament as a member of Capital City Bassmasters, First I'd like to thank Erik(gnfsnva) Jody(bassVA) for welcoming me in to the club.

    I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do going into it, I knew the river had been beat on pretty hard between the practices and the first two days of the Northern Open. We were scheduled to fish 6am -4pm and the tides were a little funky high @ the bridge was around 8ish and low was around 2. so basically we had last couple of incoming and all of out going. We launched just after 5:30 @ Rt.5, and my plan was to hit one of the lower creeks and get trough the incoming and slack high tide there, then move up river a bit to a marsh creek to fish the first bit of out going, then move further up above the thoroughfare and fish the rest of the day in the areas I know best and it would be all outgoing tide.
    Like most things there's always a hiccup, I notice at the ramp my fuel bulb is leaking a little when I pump it not too big of a deal but there is a good chance the motor could suck air/water in trough it.
    We get to my first area and get right to it, I start w/ buzzbait and a popper, and my standby chucking a crankbait, also pitching a soft plastic to the laydowns/wood we get to, its mostly a marsh bank creek w/ the hydrilla lining the shoreline. We stay in here till just after 8 with absolutely nothing going on, the fuel bulb is weighing on my mind so I tell my non-boater and make a run to Rivers Rest, to see if the little shop there has a hose clamp, no clamps but they have a new primer bulb, so after a quick changeout, were headed back down river to my second stop, I wanted to try something different so we hit a little main river wood and a lilly-pad point, spent about 45 mins here with nothing, so I crossed over the river and went into a marsh creek, that I had a little success in a few weeks ago @ high tide, now the tide is moving out, we fish our way in and in the second gut I catch my first keeper on a senko :Yay: the days not a total loss its 9am.. we go alittle further the start on our way back out where I get two shorts on the CB.
    I'm ready to move up to the areas I like best now the tide is moving pretty good, so we make the run up and get to it... as we make our way trough, i catch a short fish or two and my non-boater picks up his one keeper of the day. We make it to the back of the creek and I catch keeper #2 on the CB off of a piling....fising our way out and its 2:20 about an hour left before I want to head back, i come up to one stretch of bank and bang out 4 fish back to back almost on the CB 2 keep and two don't. we fish that section a little more w/o another bite.. Pack up our stuff and head to the weigh in.

    I finished third w/ 4 fish for 4.13lbs:ROFL:.... Jody that :Swear:..beat me with ONE fish for 4.15lbs!! *****. the other Erik in the club won w/ a little over 10lbs.. Congrats to those guys. and I feel pretty good about my first club event w/ them... now its time to prepare for the Pamunkey :Fishing:

    On a side note, my non-boater is a great guy, I look forward to fishing w/ the club seems like a good group of people...
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    Super Dave wasnt your non boater was he?


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      Welcome to club Andy and it's good to have you with us.

      It was a tough day indeed with only 1 of us out of 10 fishing weighing in a limt for the win at a little over 10lbs. I had only one small keeper to show for the day; caught on a brush hog in a small patch of pads in the thouroughfare. I also caught a couple short fish up river on some main river docks on a zoom trick worm.

      The river had definatley been pounded and the fish just seemed off from the overnight rains and small front that pushed thru. Everywhere I felt I should have been bit, I wasn't. We went back in Diachsund and there were like 7 boats right in the vicinity of RR bridge and the water was dirtier back there than I had ever seen it. No doubt that area had been picked apart by the clubers and especially the Northern Open pros. I'm sure it was the same for many other areas.

      It was fun to be on the water the pro's though. I made some small talk with one of the guys and also was in the area of Ike all day. Was pretty cool to see him screaming by a couple times with a little wave as passed us in the thouroughfare.

      This was a good weekend. Got in some fishing time and also hit the weigh in with my oldest son on Fri. We were fortunate enough to meet and get several autographs on a blown up picture of him holding that 7 to 8lber I caught a couple weeks. Got autographs from Mike Ike, Boyd Duckett, Fred Roumbanis, Mike McLelland and the young FLW guy Dylan Freeze. We'll get it framed and my son now has a pretty cool keepsake to share with his kids sometime down the line.
      Wishin' I was fishin'...



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        Nice report Andy. Hate to see the Chick fish so tough, usually its one of those places you go and feel pretty good about catching alot of fish. Up until I caught the 5lber at 3:00 i only had 3 dinks and my partner's 3 keepers were first cast fish. Needless to say like everyone else, the fishing was very disappointing. Glad to have you in the club, hope the Pamunkey treats us better next month!