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Claytor, 12 JAN 2020

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  • Claytor, 12 JAN 2020

    First outing of the new year for me. Mostly focused on running the sled, making sure everything was functioning as it should. Did fish a little but it wasn't focused or intentional. Sometimes it just feels good to cast.

    Put in at the state park - saw 43* and clear water there. Spent the first 30-40 mins running laps up to the big S turn and back. Hit a couple of main lake points along the way. The first two of these sit right on the main river channel. Classic community holes that often give quick insight as to what, if anything, going on. Started seeing bait almost as soon as I dropped the TM. Large schools of bait suspended at ~30' in 60' of water. The recent warm weather drove my curiosity to explore the shoreline and a couple of deep water docks (+12' frontages) on these points. Hung a small fish on a jerkbait after a dozen casts or so but it shook off before I could see it. Had the same thing happen a few casts later off of the same dock. Hit a half dozen other points on my way back to the state park with nothing to show for it.

    Observations: 1) WTs were 3-4 degrees cooler uplake - saw 41-42 near the big S turn. Warmer downlake near the dam - 44-46* just about everywhere I went. There was about a 4* difference between sun side and shade side. 2) Water is gin clear down- and midlake. Ventured about half way up Peak Creek and found the mudline just entering the S-turn there. It was a hard mud line, doods. As in, zero viz. Slight stain the further uplake you go. 3) I saw bait everywhere I went. Main lake, coves, feeder creeks - saw bait in all of them, suspended between 20-40'. Did not see any feeding activity associated w/ any of this. I did see one large flock of birds around midlake but they were sitting, not feeding. 4) The few fish I marked were in 15-25' holding tight to break, rock, or wood. No groups, just singles.

    While I didn't make a lot of casts I am pleased to report the few I did make were all pain-free. No limitations. Looking forward to a productive, healthy 2020. Wish all the same.


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    why don't you figure out how to catch those big hybrids down there this winter so I can make a trip down with you!
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