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Briery Creek Report June 18

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  • Briery Creek Report June 18

    Well, it sucked - which can happen at Briery Creek. The pull is that on any day, you have a shot at 8+ pounders. Friday was rough, overnight temps were mid 50's which pushed the lake temps back down. Water temps at 10:30 were still only at 78.

    Tried worm fishing had very few bites and only caught a pounder. No fish really schooling, had very sporadic top water. Had two separate bass hibassfluke, but only tail tugged. nothing on a spoon.

    Weekend temps should easily push into the 80s which should push the bass into schooling mode. Will try again soon.

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    Is Briery fairly crowded on weekends?


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      Surprisingly no - since it has an outboard restriction, it doesnt get as pressured. Couple that with the high amount of submerged timber, and those with sparkly boats dont want to try it.