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  • Briery Creek ?'s

    Posted by lakerdan

    I was wondering if it is worth fishing - I have heard about large bass in and around the timber etc. But I have also heard that the pressure has pushed the bigger fish in to not being easily fooled.

    What could I expect in a basic day of fishing? Tons of people on the weekend?

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    Posted by Ace Laserna

    Briery Creek has some MONSTER bass in it. They are not easy to get though. The whole lake is flooded timber so they could be anywhere. The past couple times I went out there there were a lot of people fishing it. You also have to be very careful out there. The submerged trees are ridiculous. It's almost impossible not to hit a couple everytime you go out.


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      Posted by dirtman

      Briery Creek is hard to fish, but right now with the drought doing it's thing, a lot of the usually submerged trees are visible. I would check out Sandy Run Reservior. Not much structure but same quality bass and not as crowded on weekends. Just my 2 cents.


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        Posted by Lake Tackle Shop

        I can only imagine what it looks like right now - I flew over the chik the other day and couldnt believe how different it looked - usually flooded but now all the little islands are up out of the water.

        2 weeks ago I was down I85 in NC and couldnt get over how bad Gaston and the other lake looked - cant think of the name of it but south of gaston that lake was nothing but grass where I85 goes over it.


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          Posted by lunker934

          I fished Briery twice this year and just had a terrible time between losing some tackle, running over a stump or two with the trolling motor and such - hoping that the water levels climb up a little more.