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Claytor, 3 JUN 2018

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  • Claytor, 3 JUN 2018

    I managed to get the hardest part of the break-in done on the big motor so I spent part of today playing w/ the new electronix, focusing on the 360. Must say the resolution on the gen 3 Helixes is nothing short of amazing. The detail on both down and side scan is as fine as I've ever seen. The detail on the 360, once I got the hang of what I was looking at, is equally detailed. This is gonna be fun learning how to use this stuff.

    I did fish a little as I played w/ the toys. Managed to bust the cherry early on w/ a chunky keeper spot on a jig. Had 2 more - one more on a jig and one on a c-rig. These fish were holding on first breaks (~4-8') on main lake points. I also had bites on deeper wood (~15-20') - one fish broke me off and the other shook off right at the boat (a small keeper LM).

    Observations: 1) Water is stained everywhere. More so uplake - maybe 18" of viz above Peak Creek. A little better down lake (~2-3' of viz). Water temps ranged from 73 at launch (state park) to 76 (downlake cove). Water is 3-4 degrees cooler uplake. 2) Lots of debris still floating about. Some of it is pretty significant - large logs, pieces of floating docks, cut logs, and tons of trash. Please be careful if you decide to venture up. 3) Tons of bait fish activity on top. Huge pods of ales all over. Was able to see some feeding activity on the 360 on a couple of pods. The gizz were fairly shallow. Saw several huge pods in main lake cuts and coves holding in 20'.

    I wasn't out long so not too much to offer in terms of detail. The fishing was a secondary benefit today. The main achievement was getting thru the gnarly part of the break-in. Will be land-locked for a few weeks beginning 11 JUN. Getting a hand issue that's been pestering me for the last 2 years fixed. Looking forward to being able to fish pain-free. Should be FMC around the first of AUG. Just in time to begin work on FoM regional waters (Cherokee, Falls).


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    One of my best bass out of Claytor was during a season when we had rain, rain, and more rain.

    I think I remember reading that when we get a rainy later spring and early summer, it will push the fish up into the shallows.
    Thank God For Rednecks