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Fishing Lake Moomaw In The Summer

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  • Fishing Lake Moomaw In The Summer

    Hello my name is Tim I am new to this forum. I am trying to get some information on summertime fishing on lake Moomaw. I have a 3 day trip planned in Aug when I return home from Afghanistan. I have a 20 ft BassCat Puma FTD and will be fishing from my boat while at Lake Moomaw. I have fished Lake Anna the on private side many times as well as the public side and I have had good success. I am wondering if the fishing may be similar to Lake Anna in that the fish are deep 20 ft or better in the summer time at Lake Moomaw?. I know the early bite and the late bite I can beat the banks and some of the creeks or fingers on the southern end of the lake. I am primarily after Largemouth and Smallmouth bass so I will be applying all the tactics tricks I know for those species. Thank you for any advice and information you can provide. Thank's Tim

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    Use a dropshot with something small. Fish it deep and slow during the day.

    Stay safe in Afghanistan. I spent a fun filled year in Ghazni province back in the day.


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      welcome aboard, Tim. and thank you for your service. +1 on stay safe while deployed. plz come back safe-n-sound.

      Moomaw is deeper and clearer than Anna. Also cooler (springs, river feeding it stay fairly cold all year). My adds to Charlie's recommendations are a spoon, a wacky rig, and a jig. Fish will come up into the shaded areas as the sun makes its way up and down. Buy a GMCO map. Your electronix map chip will not have anything for Moomaw on it.


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        Gsniper and 31Airborne,

        Thank you guys for the reply. I appreciate the tips and the advice. Thank's


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          Lake Moomaw is an entirely different beast that lake anna....for largemouth I would target up the lake as far as I could as there is a bunch of lay downs and the lake is much smaller and manageable up there....for smallmouth I would look for baitfish and try top water in the morning or dropping a spoon or drop shot on them when I see them on the graph.....not sure when they start drawing the lake down, it might not be until September...good luck, it is a beautiful lake.
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