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Watkins Landing James River Kayak and Canoe 7-23-21

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  • Watkins Landing James River Kayak and Canoe 7-23-21

    So this time I went up to Watkins Landing to launch my Hobie Outback. This is roughly 3.5 to 4 miles up from Robious Landing (I need to double check the mileage). A few observations - the river begins to shallow up as you push further upriver. Its still probably averaging about 5 to 7 feet, but you can begin to see more structure and there are more trees. This helps to slow down the volume of boat traffic compared to Robious Landing. Also, the banks are steep, which makes for some nice drop offs right up against the shore line.

    The ramp was originally designed for boats, being a concrete ramp on each side of a center dock. This allows for plenty people to launch and pull out. Canoes and kayaks can launch on the downstream side and be out of the way as there is a dirt bank out of the way once you unload. I have owned boats, canoes and kayaks - so some advice. The ramp is for everyone, not just boaters. Many boaters belive the ramps are just for them, but they would be wrong. BUT... unload and get off the ramp, load up and get off the ramp - this applies to boaters and kayaker. Way too many of both do everything but cook dinner on the ramp. Thats why there is a massive parking lot. Mess around in the parking lot - not on the ramp. Be respectful and be efficient.

    You can easily get upriver close to two miles from the launch, where it begins to get much rockier. Its an easy paddle given that the flow was a bit under normal given the low rain fall. Lots of good structure for bass and catfish.

    Really didn't fish much as I was looking to see the conditions and enjoy the evening. I will be back Saturday night to do some fishing and post a report.

    Overall, real easy for kayak and canoe paddling and fishing, less boat traffic- and an easier ramp to deal with.