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    Fished the Classic this past weekend and it was tough as I figured. The weather wasn't real fun with winds 10-15 out of the NE and mixed rain off and on. Little recap:

    Mike and I ran to a small creek to start. We didn't practice this spot because we know it usually produces. The water is high but the tide is already half out. Mike hooks up on a t-rig worm shortly after we get there and gets the fish halfway to the boat and it comes off. About a 1.5 lber. Little further down I break one off on the hook set with a finesse worm. This sux! I finally put keeper #1 in the boat on a buzzbait worked around laydowns. About 2 1/4 lbs. Mike then breaks one off on a finesse worm. This isn't good because we figure we're not going to get many bites today. I put fish #2 in the boat on a babybrushhog and it's about 2 lbs. We just keep working back and forth and get bit every pass. The tide is now coming in and Mike puts #3 in the boat on a worm. About 1.5 lbs. A little while later I put #4 in the boat on a babybrushhog about 2 lbs. Then the bites stop in this area. It's about 11:00 and we start running around trying to find a bite with the water getting really high. About 12:30 we stopped at the mouth of a pit and saw little stripers busting bait all over the area. We work a point and Mike gets #5 on a worm and it goes about 4 lbs. That would be the last bite we would get the rest of the day. We weighed in 11.97 lbs and were in 10th out of 78 boats the first day.

    We decided to save another little creek for the second day because we needed lower water for it too. We make a little run and pull in only to have another boat follow us in there. We work our way back and they stop in the front. We fished our way back hitting laydowns and stuff but the water is still too high and moving fast. We start fishing back to the front and run into the other team about mid way. Come to find out they were 2 spots behind us and had caught their fish in this creek the first day. Depressing! Well we get back towards the front and I catch a 11 1/2"er on a babybrushhog. Then we hit a duck blind and I catch a 1 lber on the babybrushhog for keeper #1. That was it for there. We decided to run back to our day one starting spot as the tide would be coming in soon. We hit 2 more quick spots on the way with nothing. Get to the other spot and the tide is just starting to come in. Mike catches one on a finesse worm on a log but its only 10 1/2". Long story short we would not get another bite the rest of the day. We ran all over the place and could not get bit. The tide never got close to low and when it came back in it was stupid high. We had 1.20 lbs for day 2 and missed the last paying spot by about 3.5 lbs. Very disappointing but we did all we could. It just wasn't meant to be.

    Our practice was horrible in both the Chick and the James leading up to the tournament so our expectations weren't real high. We probably over achieved the first day but the second day was in line with our practice. We decided to grind it out in the James but in hind sight maybe we should have tried the Chick. We do have more places there to fish but we just didn't do much of nothing up there and with the bad weather we decided not to make the run. We had a good season overall and we will try to beat that next year!
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    Nice recap Eric. Keep y'alls heads up and keep swinging fellas.
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      Nice report and recap E. Good luck next year

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        Way to keep grinding, i'm sure you will be rewarded next year!
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          Thanks f0r the recap, sometimes its like that
          You cant catch'em if your baits not in tha water.